Hsiang-Chih Hwang

Johns Hopkins University

Hi, I'm Hsiang-Chih.

I'm a PhD student and Gardner Fellow at Johns Hopkins University. I grew up in Taiwan, and recieved my Bachelor in Physics and Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. My research interest covers quasars and AGN feedback, supermassive blackholes, chemical evolution, and variability in the sky. Complete CV is available here.

About my name...

黃翔致 is my name. It has three characters: the first one 黃 (Hwang) is my family name, and the last two characters 翔致 (Hsiang-Chih) is my first name. As you can see, the first character is the family name, different from western culture. 翔致 (Hsiang-Chih) constists of two characters, 翔 (Hsiang) and 致 (Chih). It is why there is a dash in my first name. The interesting thing about Chinese characters is that every character has a meaning. My family name 黃 is the word for the color, yellow; 翔 means to fly; 致 is to achieve something (like a goal).

Contact me!

Office: Bloomberg 115

Email: hchwang@jhu.edu